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Smoked Salmon Sushi Balls

Yield: 1 servings

Ingredients and directions for this recipe

16 Pieces plastic wrap; (about
-6 "/15cm
; square) 16
16 Squares nori; about 1"/2.5
; each (about 2
; sheets) 16
16 Squares smoked salmon; 1-1/2
; pieces (about 1/4
; pound/125 g) 16
1/4 c Russian style mustard or
-wasabi 50 mL
2 c Cooked and seasoned sushi
-rice 500 mL

Lay pieces of plastic wrap out on a counter. Place a square of nori in the
center of each. Place a square of smoked salmon on top of the nori. Place a
dab of mustard or wasabi on the smoked salmon. Place about 2 tablespoon/25
mL rice in a mound on the smoked salmon.

Bring the edges of the plastic wrap up and twist to surround the rice and
form it into a ball.

Allow to rest in the plastic wrap until just before serving.

Unwrap and arrange on a platter just before serving.

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